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Meet the Riveo Creative Team

Team photo of the Riveo Creative team.

CEO & Founder

Elin Barton

Elin first became interested in video production back in college when she enrolled in a class that was led by a female documentary filmmaker.

After graduating Elin moved abroad and worked for five years in Prague, in radio, film and television. That foundation led her to a move to Los Angeles, and finally to starting Riveo Creative (formerly White Knight Productions) in 2009.

Still strongly interested in storytelling, Elin believes in a results-driven focus, and integrates her skills to help clients make informed decisions, both creatively and strategically. With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of video production, project management, strategic planning, and business development, Elin enjoys working closely with business owners and leaders as an extension of their team.

At Riveo Creative, Elin and her team have worked successfully with companies in many industries, including Healthcare, Energy, Corporate, Higher Education, Nonprofit, Hospitality and Small and Midsize Businesses.

Elin loves speaking about her business story, sustainability, leadership, and strategies and tactics for growth. She also consults and coaches with other businesses to help support their growth. Her first book is Ready, Set, Grit: Three Steps for Success in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Headshot of Elin Barton.

Organizations Elin Participates In

Elin is proud to be certified as a Women-Owned Business by this national organization. She is active in the WBENC community and frequently attends educational workshops and programs that are designed to sharpen skills and help grow and strengthen businesses.

National Association of Women Business Owners. Elin is a board member / VP of Marketing for the Local Chapter in New York City and works with the national organization on advocacy for women business owners.

A 2020 Honoree and Current Board Member. Elin works with both the magazine and the Enterprising Women Foundation. The mission of the organization is to support women-led businesses throughout the world, and to encourage middle and high school girls to consider careers in STEM fields, or in the entrepreneurial space.

Initiative for Competitive Inner City drives inclusive economic prosperity in under-resourced communities. Elin is a graduate of the program and supporter of their mission and goals as they work to improve the lives and businesses of SBO’s in some of our country’s most economically challenged areas.

The 10KSB program is to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunity by providing greater access to education, capital and business support services. Elin participated to help make an impact for her business and her community, and graduated in 2015. She is an active participant and leader within the Alumni community.

After participating in the 10KSB program Elin wanted to give back. The Voices program advocates for policy changes that will help businesses, their employees, and their communities. Voices advocates for policy changes at the Regional, State, and National levels.

Elin is a current Member of the Diversity Alliance for Science. She joined this organization after completing the Merck Advanced Leadership Program in 2022.

Headshot of Jeremiah.

Jeremiah – Senior Editor and Data Manager

Jeremiah’s skills have grown with our company during the past six years. Our team admires his work ethic, attention to detail and ability to craft a compelling story. At work, you’ll find him doing things like cutting interviews for videos, animating graphics, and wrangling files to ensure our projects are safely archived. When he’s not working, Jeremiah enjoys the outdoors, and you might find him practicing a new chord progression on the piano.

Headshot of Madi.

Madi – Creative Director

Madi’s keen eye, strong leadership and considerable artistic talents have made her an integral member of our team for the past 5 years. She is adept at telling our clients’ stories with visuals and has a unique ability to create graphics that integrate seamlessly with video. Madi has many hobbies including attending theater productions, completing puzzles, exploring different cuisines and spending time with family and friends and her super-cute dog, Mona.

Headshot of Emily.

Emily – Creative Producer

Emily helps lead our brand sessions and craft the stories that bring our clients success. She is finishing her Master’s in Film and Media Studies and has a history of successfully leading teams in the production arena. Clients enjoy her ability to quickly grasp concepts and translate those ideas into compelling video content. In addition, Emily also leads our Sustainability initiatives, and her willingness to take on such a large and daunting task is much appreciated! In her spare time Emily enjoys spending time with her two kids, family, and friends. She loves to travel and is a lifelong learner. You might even occasionally see her on the karaoke stage too!

Headshot of Sophie.

Sophie – Marketing Coordinator

Sophie keeps our content current and on point and she helps us stay on top of the latest trends and algorithms. The team admires and appreciates Sophie’s ability to see things through a different lens, and to ask questions that serve to make our work even better. We appreciate her perspective and can-do attitude, whether she’s helping to formulate and execute marketing and content strategies, or supporting our brand sessions and client work, Sophie plays an important role in our organization. When she’s not at work you may find her planning her next international trip, or experimenting with her camera.

Goose (a dog) sitting on a director's chair.

Goose – Co-CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer)

Goose takes her job seriously, providing plenty of cuddles and smiles to her co-workers all day long. In her free time Goose enjoys searching for bunnies, rearranging her large collection of toys and naps in her favorite chair.

Mona (a dog) sitting on a director's chair.

Mona – Co-CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer)

Mona is an expert at spreading joy. An accomplished communicator, Mona expresses herself with her unique language of barks. Her collection of tennis balls is her pride and joy, and her other hobbies include walking around the neighborhood and eating carrots.