Previously known as White Knight Productions, learn more about our rebrand here!

We’re making sustainability our top priority as we grow and scale our company.

We believe that businesses can and should be on the forefront of global change. Meaningful change often starts small, but the “ripples” of impact expand far and wide. 

We’re excited to be part of the sustainability movement, and happy to be held accountable for our impact on the planet.​

We hope you’re inspired by the actions we’re taking, and that our actions will give you ideas of what you can do, too!​

We’d love for you to work with us, knowing that beyond choosing sustainable practices ourselves, we understand how to help you share sustainability in your own marketing.

Here are some of the actions we’re already taking, and the plan we’re rolling out:

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We are reducing travel emissions with our remote video services and by hiring local talent around the country.

We are minimizing e-waste by re-using remote video kits and recycling items such as computers and hard drives.

We are using cloud technology for data storage and file delivery vs. hard drives.

We are measuring our energy usage to reduce our carbon footprint by at least 10%.

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We are protecting our company and our clients with robust cybersecurity measures.

We offer our employees equitable living wages with a strong benefit package.

We’re intentional about including a diversity of voices in what we produce, and are increasing our supplier and employee diversity by at least 25% percent.

We are forming a diversity board to help guide messaging and branding decisions.

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We are working with our team to co-create internal written policies that reflect our values – from recycling to ethical labor practices.

We are intentional about who we work with and choose customers and projects that align with our mission and values.

We are introducing a new supplier code of conduct.

We have submitted an application for our Ecovadis certification and are awaiting results.