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Audio Projects

We use the term Audio Projects to talk about a Podcast, Audiobook, Audio Tour, and more! Wherever you decide to record – in our studio, on location, or in the comfort of your home or office – our team will help direct your performance and achieve the highest quality sound.

Why Audio?

Broaden your audience and your reach by adding audio to your media mix.​

Increasing Popularity

41% of people in the USA tune into a podcast every month, and 28% do it weekly. The popularity of audiobooks has grown by double digit percentage points for the tenth consecutive year and is expected to be a $19 billion industry by 2027.

Recording Options to Fit Your Needs

Record from the comfort and convenience of your own home or book a time to visit our studio. Either way you’ll get professional direction and quality recording, editing, and mixing.

Our Audio Process

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1. Pre-Production

In this planning phase, we get you set up with the appropriate equipment and find the best setting for your recording session. If you’re hiring voiceover talent for your project, we’ll put out a call for auditions and cast the perfect fit.

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2. Production

During production, we’ll coach you through your delivery and listen for any noise disturbances to ensure your final product sounds clean and polished. Depending on the length of your project, we may complete your recording over several sessions to give your voice adequate breaks.

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3. Post-Production

Once the recordings are finished, our team gets to work on editing and mixing your audio, adding in any necessary sound effects or music and taking out pauses. We’ll optimize your files for their intended platform so that they meet all the requirements for release. Final download links will be provided upon approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best audio?

Look out for room noise (fridges, air conditioners, etc.), cars, planes, trains, screaming kids, barking dogs etc. And be sure to invest in good recording equipment.

Does it have to be my voice?

Not necessarily. Doing it yourself is less expensive and gives you control over the delivery, however it also takes an investment of time and equipment. A professional voice artist is more expensive, but guarantees a professional sound.

Will someone coach me through my delivery?

Yes! We will critique your read and offer friendly advice; advise you through any technical or noise issues; and bring trusted expertise to the table.

Can you help me create supporting elements such as cover art?

Yes! Whatever you need – cover art, banner images, preview clips – we’ll help you hit the ground running.

Can you help me get on the right platforms?

Yes! There are a wide range of podcast and audiobook platforms. We can guide you through the setup of each one to ensure best optimization.

What’s an audiogram?

An audiogram is a visual representation of an audio clip that can include artwork, a waveform, and a transcription of the dialogue. This is a great way to promote your podcast or other audio content on social media.

Join our Community of Happy Clients

“Elin and her team were professional and put me at ease. In just several minutes I was reading and taking direction and forgot to be nervous. She has an easy manner and effortless style that makes you just know you can trust her to get the job done right.”

Amber Gregory

Author, Little Sweetheart

“They are quick to understand the parameters of the job at hand, and were able to record and edit high quality audio recordings for our Travel Storys app. We appreciate Riveo Creative’s philosophy of collaborative work and look forward to working with Elin and her team again.”

Story Clark