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Remote Video

If distance and cost are a barrier for you, remote video can be your solution! Record footage through your device, from anywhere in the world, with the help of our virtual crew.

Why Remote Video?

Record footage across the world without travel costs, expensive crews, or complicated scheduling.​

No Technical Experience Necessary

Our remote crew controls your camera, making sure you are set for success. Our experienced directors guide you through the shoot and offer valuable feedback so that you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.​

High Resolution Footage

Contrary to a Zoom call, the footage we record is not reliant on an irregular internet connection. Record up to 4K footage with your smartphone, tablet, or webcam!​

Our Remote Video Process

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1. Planning and Testing

In this planning phase, we’ll ask you to define your vision for the project with our Creative Brief questionnaire. During this time, our team will also determine what type of equipment needs to be sent and schedule time for a test session. A test session prior to the actual shoot is ideal to ensure that the equipment is set up properly and in good working order. We’ll also help our subject find an attractive location for the recording.

Icon of a smartphone placed on a tripod that is recording video of an individual.

2. Remote Recording Session

At the start of the recording session, we’ll do some fine-tuning of the setup and run a quick test to check the audio and lighting. Once the subject is ready, we’ll press record and guide them through their delivery. As each clip is recorded, we initiate the upload process on our end, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our subjects!

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3. Post-Production

Once all the footage is recorded, we’ll be editing and adding graphics and music to the videos. You’ll be kept in the loop as we progress and you’ll have an opportunity to review the work and give your input. A final download link will be provided upon the video’s approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send out any recording equipment?

Our standard kits come with a tripod, microphone, and two lights. In some cases, we also include an iPhone that’s pre-loaded with the app – otherwise we use our subject’s personal smart device or web camera.

Is there a teleprompter feature?

Yes! Send us your scripts ahead of time and we’ll be sure to upload them in advance of your session. We can adjust the pacing and font size to your preference.

What recording device do you recommend?

We can work with most webcams and smart devices. Our top choice is the iPhone for its camera options and reliability!​

Can I invite others to join the recording session?

Yes! We can send special invitations to anyone on your team so they can attend and provide feedback, or conduct the interview. They’ll also be able to preview the recordings once they upload.

Can we do a multi-camera setup?

Yes! We can record up to 8 different cameras at the same time. Whether you’re recording a conversation between multiple individuals, or you want a variety of camera angles on one subject, we’ve got it covered.

What do I need to do before my session starts?

  • Charge your device to full battery
  • Connect to the strongest internet connection available
  • Make sure you have at least 5GB of free storage

Join our Community of Happy Clients

“We turned to Riveo Creative’s remote video services during the pandemic when in-person production was challenging and they didn’t miss a beat. Years later, we still opt to use remote video to tell our stories because of how easy it is to schedule shoots across the country and the high quality work Riveo Creative is able to produce under any circumstances.”

Liz Pugh

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC)

“The remote videos from Riveo Creative are so easy to do and the quality is amazing! The team understands how to get our message across and do so quickly. We’ve used them for commercials, social videos and even recruitment videos! They have really boosted our company awareness. We look forward to continuing to work with Riveo Creative for a long time to come!”

Deborah Shapiro

Black Angus Steakhouse