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On-Site Video

Connect with your customers in a meaningful, professional and compelling way.​ Record interviews, daily activities, tutorials, event coverage, and more with a videographer or film crew at your location. With our nationwide network, we can meet you anywhere!

Videographers available across the U.S.

We have clients all over the map and throughout the US. Cities, such as, Chicago, NY, Austin, Dallas, Philadelphia, DC, Miami, Denver, Scranton, Harrisburg, Buffalo, Columbus, Cleveland, Park City (UT), Salt Lake City, Boston. No matter where you are, we can help you reach your goals.

Impressive Results

We’ve blasted through fundraising goals, cut training time in half, and explained complex concepts. In short, our videos have helped our clients achieve many impressive goals.

Individuals setting up camera shots for on-site video production.

Our On-Site Video Process

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1. Pre-Production

In this planning phase, we talk about messaging, strategy and content development. We’ll ask you to define your vision for the project with our Creative Brief questionnaire as a way to begin the conversation with our team.

Icon of a person filming video with a camera on a stabilizer.

2. Production

This is when the video recording occurs. Someone from our team will be present for all the sessions, and will make sure that everyone is well-prepared and all questions are answered, to ensure for a smooth process.

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3. Post-Production

Once all the footage is gathered, we’ll be editing and adding graphics and music to the videos. You’ll be kept in the loop as we progress and you’ll have an opportunity to review the work and give your input. A final download link will be provided upon approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never been on camera before, what do I do?

We’ll help direct you on the big day, but a little practice goes a long way. Write down the main points you’d like to get across, then practice speaking in front of a mirror or record yourself to critique your performance.

What should I wear when I’m on camera?

Avoid wearing anything that will distract from what you’re saying, including large logos and patterns, neon colors, or noisy jewelry. Also avoid solid white or black shirts, as they can be difficult to light. Pastel and jewel tones work great!

How many people will be on set?

This will change from project to project. Smaller projects may only require a videographer and director, while larger projects may also include an audio tech, hair/makeup artist, and more!

Should I use a teleprompter?

Without a teleprompter, you can get a more relaxed and natural delivery. But, if you have a strict script that you have to follow, a teleprompter can really help. Please remember to get your scripts to us 48 hours before your shoot.

What’s b-roll?

B-Roll is supplemental footage that we record to provide context and visual interest to the story. This footage can also help us cover up cuts and edits to the main story. Not all B-Roll has to be video, we can also use pictures!

Do I need to get release forms signed?

If your video is being made for commercial uses – generally, yes! Here are some other instances when you’ll need a release: when a person can be identified; you’re at a privately owned location; you’re including assets owned by someone other than yourself.

Join our Community of Happy Clients

Headshot of Debra Eichten.

“During the sessions, Riveo Creative were adept at keeping the atmosphere relaxed and fun for the participants. They were attentive listeners and flexible about going ‘off script’ when doing so would better serve our objective.”

Debra Eichten

Cornell University

Headshot of Heather Duffin.

“They are so organized and professional and most of all, patient with the various nuances that come with juggling multiple events and last-minute situations. The end project was beautiful quality!”

Heather Duffin

Red Cross (formerly)