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Animation image is a graphic used by animators when creating. it has various colored lines going in different directions in a grid.


Animations convey complex topics easily and clearly. Examples can be seen in corporate videos, infographics, and training and educational videos.

Why Animation?

Convey your message quickly and clearly, even if the concepts behind that message are complicated.​

Customized Design for your Brand

We create customized animation for our clients using the collective talents and skills of our creative team. Our design team ensures that the graphics used in your animations are well-aligned with your brand. And our writers craft scripts that deliver a powerful message to your audience.

2D and 2.5D Animation

Our team of motion designers dive headlong into animating a video using typography, graphics, and images to explain a company’s business, product, or idea. Want to add a little extra flair? Create the illusion of depth with 2.5D animation!

Our Animation Process

Icon of a to-do list.

1. Pre-Production

Creating a script is the first and most important step we take. This sets the stage for the entire animation. You might already have a script in mind, but if you don’t, we’re happy to start a draft for you and make edits based on your feedback.

After finalizing the script, we’ll cast the voiceover artist and get the script recorded.

Next, we’ll create a storyboard that shows you our approach to visuals and style.

Icons of a computer with a ball bouncing across the screen.

2. Production

Once the storyboard is approved, our animator begins to think about how each element is going to interact with the scene and what kind of transitions will be needed to carry each scene to the next.

This is where the magic starts to happen and all of the moving pieces come together. The animation process is incredibly complex, with many MANY layers. All you need to know is that you’re in safe hands!

Icon of a pair of scissors cutting a video reel.

3. Post-Production

When we have a first draft ready to share, we send you a link where you can leave feedback. Once you’ve provided all feedback, we get back to work, making your animation the way you want it! We pass the final draft your way and await your approval. A final link will then be sent which allows you to download the video, ready to share with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the script after you begin animating?

It’s crucial that the script is finalized before we begin animating because making changes later on can be very time consuming. You may want to share the script with key team members for final feedback before giving us a thumbs up to move forward.

Do you offer 3D animation?

Our core team of animators are not versed in 3D animation, however we have an extensive network and can find the right fit for your project needs!

How long is the animation process?

At a minimum, a 2-minute animation can take 4-6 weeks to put together. We’ll keep you informed along the way and give you a chance to provide feedback at every step!

What is 2.5D animation?

2.5D animation is when an object moves in relation to another object, creating the illusion of depth. 2.5D animation is amazing at infusing life into static scenes, like a photograph.

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“Elin and her creative team are very good at video editing and animation. They’re responsive and deliver top notch work, fast. I recommend working with them for any sort of video production.”

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