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Their Story…

GreenWeaver is a woman-owned, earth-friendly landscaping company located in Lenni, Pennsylvania. The company believes that our backyards should be vibrant, dynamic ecosystems. Their mission is to create and maintain beautiful, useful, and healthy landscapes for people and the planet. When approaching landscaping projects, GreenWeaver takes a holistic approach and works with nature to build wildlife habitat and healthy soils. 

Every piece of land has an individual character, and every client has a unique taste. Their goal is to create landscapes that delight and inspire, connect people to the outdoors, and celebrate the natural world.

In recent years, we have hit record breaking global temperatures, rising ocean levels, loss of organisms in our ecosystems and many more environmental concerns. 

When we have the opportunity to make sustainable and earth-friendly choices, it is important to do so. GreenWeaver is taking the correct steps to create a sustainable option for those in need of landscaping work.

How we worked together…

When Riveo Creative got the opportunity to work with GreenWeaver, we were extra excited because sustainability is an important core value of our company. 

We started working together by leading a deep dive session into the GreenWeaver brand. In this Brand and Content Strategy session, we gained valuable insights into their brand, target market, and other foundational elements that helped us create value-focused and impactful content. 

The videos were crafted to reflect the brand’s personality and core values. Sustainability was at the forefront of a lot of these videos. The GreenWeaver team discussed the importance of incorporating the ecosystem into your landscaping design, using native plants, considering rainwater, and how incorporating trees into your landscaping design can help preserve soil from erosion.

As sustainability is an important value of Riveo Creative, we sourced a local videographer to film on-site which reduced any travel carbon emissions that would have been produced if we sent one of our team members to their location. In addition, we like to make the most of the content we produce. At Riveo, we strongly believe in recycling your content. You would be surprised by how many months worth of content you can get from one shoot. Through one day of shooting, we made an overview video and several educational videos, testimonial videos, team videos and additional content. 

Some ideas for recycling content are

  • Create multiple shorter social media videos from one longer video
  • Pull stills from the footage to post as photos
  • Pull quotes to transform into Audiograms or graphics
  • Use videos for blogs or newsletters

We worked with the team at Riveo on a series of videos for our website, YouTube page and social media. The videos turned out great, and one of the reasons for this is the approach that Riveo took. They met with members of our leadership team and asked questions that were designed to spark discussion around our mission, our customers and our long-term goals. The information from that session informed the types of videos we made and how we told our story in those videos. They also created a content calendar and social media posts that we could use and assisted in setting up our YouTube channel. We got enough social media content for three months from one video shoot, and I will be able to use content for recruiting for much longer. I recommend the Riveo team to anyone who’s looking for support with marketing and content creation. Their quality was great and the service was much more than I expected!

The work that we have done together is just the beginning and we are looking forward to rounding off the project by tracking the effectiveness of our videos and creating an analysis of the content that gains the more engagement for the company to use in the future.

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