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Recruiting Top-Notch Candidates: A Case Study with Black Angus Steakhouse

Improved Quality of Applicants

Showcased Company Culture



With open positions in all areas, including front of house, heart of house, and management, Black Angus hired us to help recruit new talent that fits in well with their team and culture.

Their mission at Black Angus is to deliver memorable experiences to their guests. Having top-notch employees makes a huge impact on their ability to do this. To tap into their core values of heritage, loyalty, family, and trust, we decided to showcase the faces and stories of current employees.




Remote Video

Quotation marks.

We could not have gotten our message out to applicants in a more authentic way.

Watch the video to hear directly from our client – Nicole Bulman, the VP of Human Resources at Black Angus Steakhouse.


Our Approach

Our approach was to get current employees in a variety of positions tell their personal stories of what it’s like to work for Black Angus, how they got started, and what they enjoy most about their job. These stories help applicants get a peek inside life at Black Angus and understand if they’d be a good fit.

With 32 locations spanning across 5 different states, our remote video services enabled them to record in each location without sending a video crew to each store – both saving money and reducing travel emissions.

Each regional manager received a studio kit including lights, a tripod, and microphone, which they brought to each store for us to direct and record remotely.

Video Makes Your Job Postings More Successful​



After utilizing the videos, Black Angus saw a big improvement in the quality of their candidates. People felt more connected to the culture and the mission of the company. And they were able to fill in missing positions on their teams.

Black Angus continued to work with us on other videos to communicate company updates to their internal team, as well as other marketing projects.

Benefits of Video Recruitment

  • Speeds up time to hire
  • Creates a better candidate experience
  • Reduces cost to hire
  • Showcases company culture
  • Builds more trust with candidates
  • Increases retention with top performers
  • Increases referrals in a crowded talent pool