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Simplifying a Complex Process: A Case Study with Apex Clean Energy

Saved time and resources

Engaged community members

Trained new employees



Wind and solar energy projects come with a lot of questions from landowners and other community members. Because of this, the team at Apex Clean Energy spent a lot of time having a one-on-one conversations with community members out in the field to explain the construction process for their wind and solar farms.

They needed a way to scale those one-on-one conversations so that they could reach more people, answer more questions, and save resources. Naturally, they turned to video.




Remote Video

Quotation marks.

You can’t just explain to people how a wind turbine will be constructed or how a solar farm will be built. You really need to show them.

Watch the video to hear directly from our client – Brian O’Shea, the Director of Public Engagement at Apex Clean Energy.


Our Approach

To help demystify the construction process from start to finish, we created a video for each type of project – wind and solar.

The videos were recorded to feel like a conversation between a host and expert, answering frequently asked questions about the construction process.

Visuals were key to explaining this process so we included relevant pictures, video, and animation to help tell a cohesive story about how solar and wind farms are made.

Explainer Videos Increase Understanding

  • 94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. (Wyzowl)



The videos far extended their original purpose. They’ve used them at events and on social media. They’ve broken them into smaller chunks to help answer specific questions they receive online. And they’ve used them to help train new employees on the construction process.

The videos have given them a meaningful and authentic way to answer commonly asked questions about a complex process.


  • Saved time and resources by scaling their 1-1 conversations
  • Authentically engaged community members online with answers to their questions
  • Found multiple uses for the videos, including training new employees