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Amplifying Mental Health Awareness Through Video

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Their story…

Other Parents Like Me (OPLM) is an online parent-to-parent support community designed for parents of teens struggling with mental health issues. 

The community supports parents and caregivers of children struggling with anxiety, depression, substance use, or an eating disorder, and stands as a reminder that you are not alone.

Although mental illness is becoming less stigmatized in most societies, it can still be difficult to find information from experts. Because of this, OPLM offers a large database of resources to help educate parents on the issues their children may be suffering with. Along with the resource hub, OPLM offers roughly 15 peer-led support groups per week, a weekly guest speaker, and monthly expert panel. 

We are in a mental health epidemic with more and more individuals struggling with their own mental health issues, or being impacted by seeing a loved one struggle. 

In America, about one in every seven kids aged 5 to 17 underwent some form of mental health treatment in 2021, the latest year for which statistics are available (CDC).

As a parent of a child with mental health or substance abuse issues, it can be challenging to navigate how to treat and care for your child. Mental health treatments are not a “one size fits all” solution and can take weeks, months, or years to find a treatment plan that works for each individual. Being the support system for a struggling child can be draining on your own mental health and a support group can help create a place for comfort and education. 

How we worked together…

Riveo Creative worked with OPLM to share the stories of parents who have struggled with mental illness and drug abuse.

We used remote video to create two videos for OPLM, an explainer video and a fundraising video. Remote video is a cost-effective, sustainable way to make video. Although we shoot remotely, clients are guided through the process by one of our team members and the final product is still a high-quality video.

When discussing such sensitive topics, video helps capture the emotion and make a viewer connect more with someone’s story. 

With the help of the videos, OPLM was able to raise $60,000 which helps the organization create a safe place where finances do not restrict a parent’s ability to seek help and support.

In addition to raising money, the videos created helped build OPLM’s brand and gave the company notoriety in the wellness and recovery community.

At Riveo, we believe in maximizing video to create multiple types of content. We created a version of the video for the OPLM team to attach in their e-signature so that the video is always accessible to people who are in touch with the team members. The video was also broken down into multiple clips for social media and website use.

We are so happy to have the opportunity to work with OPLM and create videos that helped such an impactful organization. We highly encourage anyone who would benefit from this support group to visit their website at

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