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3 Ways To Recycle Social Media Content!

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In the fast-paced world of social media, creating fresh and engaging content regularly can be a challenging task. Constantly having something new and engaging for your audience takes a lot of mental muscle power. However, the key to a successful social media strategy doesn’t always lie in reinventing the wheel. 

Instead, it often involves smartly repurposing your existing content to reach new audiences and extend the lifespan of your valuable material. At Riveo Creative, we LOVE reusing and repurposing content, but not in the sense of posting the same blog as you did last month…

Here are 3 ways you can reuse content, but still keep it fresh!


You could post a blog that takes 30 minutes to read. Or you could split that into 10 blogs that take three minutes to read. 

The same goes for video. Instead of posting that 30 minute webinar you had last month, try splitting it up into smaller chunks! Think ahead and plan out what days to post which videos; think of the sequence. You can even turn some of the videos into audiograms! Later on, you can share the long video for everyone to have. 

If you don’t have a photographer on shoot day, don’t be afraid to grab a frame from a video to use as a photograph. If you’re not sure how to do this, we can help pull some eye-catching images from your video!

Additionally, explore the potential of visual content in other formats. Turn a series of engaging images into a captivating slideshow or repurpose graphics into an animated video. By adapting your visuals for various platforms and formats, you can reach diverse audiences without investing in entirely new content creation.


Coming up with new ideas can be challenging, especially if you are talking about a niche topic. The good news is that people probably don’t pay THAT much attention to everything you post. This means you can take ideas and spread them across multiple channels without seeming like a broken record. 

Next time you finish a blog post, take some of the key points and make them into graphic posts for social media. Then your reader gets a tidbit from the post and heads to your blog to see the rest of the great content. 

Or the opposite, maybe you came up with a GREAT social post that really resonated with your audience. If you’ve struck gold with a popular social media post, capitalize on its success by expanding it into a blog post.

Social media captions are often concise, but a blog allows you to delve deeper into the topic, providing more context, insights, and value for your audience. This not only repurposes successful posts, but also boosts your website’s SEO by adding rich, informative content.


Not all content has a short shelf life. Identify evergreen content—posts that remain relevant over time—and strategically reshare them to reach a new audience or remind existing followers of valuable information. This is particularly effective for educational content, tips, and inspirational quotes that retain their value beyond their initial posting date.

Create a schedule for resharing evergreen content, spacing it out to avoid overwhelming your audience. Use variations in captions, images, or formats to keep the content fresh and engaging. Additionally, take advantage of relevant hashtags and trends to amplify the reach of your reshared content.

Keep up the great work, Social Media Manager! Your audience will thank you!

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