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2023 Rewind: Dive Into Our Favorite Moments From The Year!

2023 was quite a year with our rebrand, focus on developing sustainability initiatives, and all the work we did with our amazing clients!

Thank you for supporting us this year and we are excited to continue to grow and for all the new opportunities in 2024!

Video Transcript:

Elin  00:00

2023 has been a huge year for our company. We changed our name,

Jeremiah  00:05

you really live into your name. So we wanted to come up with something that really defined our values going forward.

Elin Barton  00:10

We decided to be very intentional about leaning into sustainability

Sophie  00:14

This year, we really develop the foundation for our sustainability plan. 

Madi  00:18

Doing the brand workshops this year was really exciting.

Emily  00:21

Most people that we work with are genuinely very passionate about what they do.

Jeremiah  00:27

AI is obviously being big, you know,

Sophie  00:28

I think that we’re gonna be able to utilize it a lot and make better and more efficient work for our clients.

Elin  00:34

We’ve transformed ourselves into an entirely new company. So looking back on that it’s it’s really something to see where we’ve been and where we’re going in the future.

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