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15 Years in the Making: A Look Back at Our Favorite Projects

Grid of images that showcase previous projects done by Riveo Creative.

We’ve spent a decade and a half helping brands come alive through the magic of video. It’s been an incredible ride, filled with creativity, collaboration, and a whole lot of “lights, camera, action!”

To celebrate this milestone, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to revisit some of our favorite projects. From heartwarming stories to sleek product demos, these projects showcase the power of storytelling in capturing hearts and minds.

Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and maybe even shed a tear (or two) as we revisit 15 of our most cherished client collaborations.

Binghamton University: Why I’m Here

It’s always a huge honor for us to work alongside higher education institutions, and Binghamton University is one of the best! For this project, we had the incredible opportunity to speak with faculty, staff, and students to get their perspectives on what makes Binghamton University such a special place to work, live, and learn. We continue to be impressed with the University’s commitment to living out its values of diversity, collaboration, and engagement both on campus and in the community.

Black Angus Steakhouse: Hello America Commercial

We love getting a chance to collaborate with other woman-owned businesses in the video industry! In this instance, we got to work with our friends at Klein Creative Media. With our sustainability goals to reduce travel and hire local, their team was a perfect match to work with us on a Black Angus shoot in California. They sent this delicious footage our way and our team got straight to work on the edit. 

Black in Business: Overview Video

Black women comprise the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, but as a group they also face disproportionate challenges accessing capital, and growing beyond $1 million in revenue. These are just a few of the reasons that programs like Black in Business are so important. We were hired to capture the energy and excitement surrounding these events, so that our client could use the videos to help spread the word about these programs, so that more black women throughout the country can participate.

Catholic Charities: Capital Campaign

Back in 2010 Catholic Charities of Broome County was just about ready to break ground on their new building, but encountered some challenges raising the final dollars needed to make the construction possible. We were brought in to produce a video and create a mailing campaign so that potential donors could clearly understand how their money would be spent and why the need was so great. Now, all these years later, this video is in the “oldie but goodie” category. The story still resonates now as it did then. And the results were great – funds raised exceeded the immediate need by around 30%, but the best part is, Catholic Charities is still our client today!

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine: The Consult

One of our favorite animation projects over the years has been in collaboration with the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. In a series format, we turned conversations between alumni, faculty and students into illustrated videos that highlight fond memories and experiences shared at Cornell. This episode recounts the legacy of one of their most distinguished professors who inspired countless students with the love of anatomy and natural history.

Goldman Sachs: Installation Video

This video is really special for several reasons. First, it showcases a high-profile event. All those signs on Capitol Hill were put there to represent small businesses from throughout the U.S. The people in the video are small business owners who are also part of the leadership team of 10KSB Voices, the advocacy arm of Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses program. We did the filming very early in the morning, and also present on site were news cameras and Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon. We had to edit the video quickly as it was played that very day for a packed conference of more than 3,000 attendees!

GreenWeaver Landscapes: Mission Video

When we first started working with Greenweaver Landscapes, we were immediately impressed and inspired by their commitment to serve clients and protect the planet. Each member of their team takes great pride in their work, and their passion shines through every time we hit “record.” We loved creating this mission video to help them spread the word about their approach to sustainable landscaping.

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC): Impact Story featuring Three Brothers Bakery

With a mission to drive inclusive economic prosperity in under-resourced communities, ICIC supports small business owners with programs that provide education, coaching, and a sense of community. Each year, we look forward to collaborating with ICIC on their annual impact report to share the stories of small business owners across the country who have participated in these programs. When we interviewed Three Brothers Bakery in 2022, we were blown away by their story of resilience. Their strength and determination teaches a valuable lesson to us all.

The Javits Center: Unconventional Hospital

The world changed in 2020 and one of the many images that has reached iconic status is NYC’s Javits Center being transformed into a hospital. We were hired to tell the story of this historic transformation that was not only about providing medical care, but was also about the resiliency and resourcefulness of one of the world’s greatest cities.

Komodo Health: MapLab

We love a good challenge. And when our friends at Komodo called for a “sleek and sexy” advertisement that matched the power of their new product, we got excited for the opportunity to turn up the hype. MapLab helps Life Sciences companies efficiently answer complex questions in order to improve patient outcomes and gain a competitive edge.

The Nature Conservancy: All Persons Trail

Inclusivity is a value at Riveo, and so we jumped at the chance to tell the story of the New Hampshire Nature Conservancy’s All Persons Trail at Manchester Cedar Swamp. The trail at this stunning location was designed so that all people, regardless of age or ability, could access it as well as take part in its educational features. We loved capturing footage of individuals, couples, and families enjoying the outdoors!

Other Parents Like Me (OPLM): Overview Video

Mental health is a very serious issue that impacts the lives and wellbeing of a large percent of our society and we are grateful to help support a cause that we care so deeply about in any way that we can. We worked with OPLM to share the stories of parents who have children that struggle with mental health or substance abuse issues. With the help of our videos, OPLM raised $60,000 to help create a safe place where finances do not restrict a parent’s ability to seek help and support.

Rubin Museum: Virtual Gala

When COVID shut the world down, we all had to find creative ways to stay connected. In working with the Rubin Museum of Art, we not only connected with individuals all over the world using remote video (including Indian percussionist “Drums” Sivamani, Deepak Chopra, Mingyur Rinpoche, and more) but also connected with our inner selves by  journeying through the Mandala.

SUNY Cortland: Academic Commercial

Whether we’re working on donor campaigns, highlighting campus life, or showcasing the variety of academic programs, we always enjoy working with the SUNY Cortland team. We have so many exceptional projects from our time with Cortland that we struggled to choose our favorite! We decided to spotlight SUNY Cortland’s Academic Commercial, in which our video team got to film professors teaching in an array of classrooms – from the outdoors, to an observatory, to an art studio, and more! This beautifully shot project was used to show potential students all that SUNY Cortland has to offer.

What other SUNY Cortland projects almost made it to the list? We loved interviewing alumni for a video about why they donate to SUNY Cortland and also had fun creating this student life advertisement.

Village of Owego: DRI Award

We were approached by Team Tioga, the people driving economic development in Owego and Tioga County. They wanted to produce a video that would accompany their application for a grant from New York State, but the timeline was extremely short. Because Team Tioga had been advised that they wouldn’t qualify for the award, they had decided not to apply, but then changed their mind shortly before the deadline. We said yes to the project and fast-tracked the pre-production process so we could quickly film impactful stories from people throughout the town. The only way to complete the project was through a couple of all-night editing sessions. Not our normal way of doing things but we got it done, and the best part was, against all odds, Owego was awarded the maximum grant of $10 million!

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