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We Bring Your Words to Life

Our passion lies in turning your written words into captivating narratives that can be heard, felt, and cherished by listeners around the world. With a blend of technical expertise and artistic finesse, we’re here to make your audiobook dreams a reality.

Ready to turn your literary masterpiece into an unforgettable audiobook? Join us now, and let’s bring your words to life, one sound at a time.

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Authors Rave About Their Audiobook Experience

“Elin and her team were professional and put me at ease. In just several minutes I was reading and taking direction and forgot to be nervous. She has an easy manner and effortless style that makes you just know you can trust her to get the job done right.”

Amber Gregory

Author, Little Sweetheart

“I am thankful for the guidance and support Riveo Creative provided with the creation of my audiobook. We had some challenges to overcome (two different locations with very different audio) but Elin stuck with me and the finished product sounds great. I love that I could do this from home and that it was made so easy!”

Cathryn Abbott Jones

Author, The Reluctant Alchemist

How It Works

At Riveo Creative, we’ve designed a seamless process that brings the audiobook production experience right to your doorstep. Here’s a breakdown of our simple, hassle-free approach.

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ACX Approval Guaranteed

Sustainable Audio Production


Onboarding & Planning

  • We kick off with a friendly onboarding meeting to dive into your book, discuss the recording process, and schedule production dates.
  • We’ll chat about creating your eye-catching cover art (and we’ll ensure it’s perfectly square as part of our service).
  • We’ll also guide you through ACX specs and help you choose an engaging excerpt to use for the audiobook sample. If needed, we can handle the file uploads to ACX on your behalf. You’ll just need to provide some book details and set up an author page if you haven’t already.
  • As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ll send you a kit to set up your recording space in your home or office. Let’s make a positive impact together by reusing this equipment!


Testing & Recording Sessions

  • We’ll spend our first session helping you set up your kit and running some test recordings.
  • Your audiobook journey continues with recording sessions (which typically last 2-3 hours at a time) to ensure top-notch audio quality. You’ll work with a live producer who provides valuable coaching to bring your words to life.


Editing, Review, & Approval

  • Once the recording sessions are complete, our expert team edits the audio to perfection. We’ll send samples for your review as they’re ready. Your satisfaction is our priority. We’ll keep working with you until you’re delighted with the results.
  • When you’re happy with the final product, we’ll handle the upload to ACX for approval. Don’t worry; we guarantee ACX approval and will address any technical issues swiftly.
  • We’ll stand by your side until your audiobook is approved and ready to reach eager listeners.

Audiobook Samples

Packages Fit For You

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Discover our budget-friendly pricing options to bring your audiobook to life.

Up to 50,000 Words (5 Finished Hours) – $7,500

Up to 100,000 Words (10 Finished Hours) – $9,500

What’s Included?

  • Personal attention – your producer is present on the remote sessions to coach you and give you immediate feedback.
  • You’ll have use of our professional equipment for high-quality audio.
  • Professional editing and sound sweetening.
  • One round of revisions to ensure your audiobook is perfect.
  • Expert technical assistance, including preparing and uploading your audio and graphic files to ACX, saving you time and hassle.

Personalize Your Audiobook

Sharing your voice can add a personal touch to your audiobook. However, if you prefer a professional touch, we offer the option to hire a voiceover artist who fits your book’s style and tone. Additional fees will apply, but we’ll help you find the perfect talent to help bring your project to life.